Heritage / Culture

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Discover the richness of the village through its heritage and culture, such as the new media library, the church of the nineteenth century or the chapel St Saturnin.

Ramon LLULL Medialibrary

Opening time
Tuesday: 9h30-12h and 15h-17h
Wednesday: 9h30-12h and 15h-19h
Thursday: 9h30-12h
Friday: 9h30-12h and 15h-17h
Saturday: 9.30am-12pm


Twin town programme

Our municipality is twinned with the village of Tramonti in Italy, with La Granadella in Catalonia and a collaboration is established with the commune of Say in Niger.


You will find the main stages of the construction of the municipality over the centuries ...

Landscapes / Places of Interest

You will discover through slideshows the remarkable places and the different landscapes around our village.


Here you will find information to visit the department.