Administrative procedures

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Administrative procedures

Details of formalities to be completed in the context of administrative procedures in the City Hall as in Prefecture.


It is addressed to any young Frenchman of 16 years old. The procedure is carried out in Town Hall.

Following the census, the town hall (or the consular authority) issues a census certificate. This certificate is required to take the exams...

Civil status

Birth - Marriage - Death

Family record book

Please contact the Town Hall and consult the link below.

Driver's license

The file is to be constituted in Town hall then transmitted to the Prefecture. Please see the link below for the necessary parts.


For the procedures of inscriptions on the electoral lists, or the vote by proxy ... Thank you to address the reception of the Town hall and consult the link below.

National Identity Card

The National Identity Card is delivered in Town Hall.
Please bring the original documents and consult the link below to prepare your approach.


The town hall of Pézilla-la-Rivière is no longer authorized to issue passports. Please make your request to the Saint-Estève Municipal Police Department located Avenue Maréchal Joffre Tél :

Registration certificate

(ex-gray card)

Thank you for consulting the link below to prepare your approach and bring the original documents in town hall.

Registration Extracurricular / Recreation Center / Daycare

Here you will find the unique document for registering for services

School registration

Here you will find the unique document for enrollment in kindergarten and elementary school

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