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The different landscapes and remarkable places of Pézilla

You will discover through slideshows the remarkable places and the different landscapes around our village.

Canal of Pézilla

In the 9th century, after the Carolingian reconquest, the abbot of Lagrasse became a lord of Pézilla. The Benedictine monks then project an irrigation canal designed to enhance the territory and drain the rainwater. Refurbished in the 14th...

Church of Saintes-Hosties

The village of Pézilla has developed around the cellera and an old Romanesque church of the eleventh century. At the end of the 19th century, the development of the cult of the Holy Hosts is at the origin of the building of the present church. On...


Sung by the writer and poet Pau Berga, the fountain of the place was originally against the wall of the city and was fed from the watering canal.

In 1844, the municipality carried out a drilling and the fountain was moved in front of the...

Geography of the territory

The territory: from the banks of Tet to the ancient alluvial terraces, very diverse landscapes.

The chapel Saint-Saturnin

First mentioned in the year 876, the chapel Saint Saturnin located on the road to Villeneuve, was in the early Middle Ages, the heart of a small home of very old habitat. A place of pilgrimage, it was enriched by a carved chancel supported by an...

The door of Revelli and the Cellera

In the fourteenth century, under the kings of Majorca, the city is completely fortified. The Mallorcan ramparts often included in the houses, continue to surround the old "cellera", this sacred space with a radius of thirty paces around the...

Virtual visit

Come and discover the 360 ​​° panorama of the church of Saintes-Hosties.

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