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Leisure Home Without Accommodation

You will find here information for the reception of your child during the school holidays.

Responsible: Miss BOURREL Nadine

- Autumn holidays (Toussaint)
- Winter Holidays (February)
- Spring Holiday (Easter)
- Summer holidays (July only)


Beneficiaries of the reception of leisures

Priority is given to school children in the Commune.

- For children of maternal age (2½ to 6 years), the current capacity is 35 children.

- For children attending elementary school (or less than 12 years old and living in Pézilla), the maximum enrollment is 45 children.

  Children not attending school in Pézilla will be allowed to attend the reception of leisures within the limits of available places and will appear on a waiting list until the closing of the inscriptions.

ALSH : schedule

Opening hours of the reception of leisures, schedules of the nursery from the morning to the evening.


Leisure accommodation rate per day and per child, meals included.

Spring 2018

Plannings and useful documents for the holidays of Spring 2018

Staff / Projects and Objectives

See details.


A catering service and a leisure reception are organized on Wednesday.

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