Urban planning

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Urban planning

You will find below the information on the different urban planning acts with useful links or documents to download.

Closing walls

Regulatory reminder


Local Urban Plan in force in the municipality.

Certificate of Urbanism

You want to know the rules and taxes Urbanism applicable to a field, or learn about the feasibility of a project ... click below.


For work such as a garden shed, a modification of the external appearance, a change of destination, a parcel division ... click below

Planning permission

For example, if you want to develop a plot of land in several lots, click on the link below.


Here you will find information on the Flood Risk Prevention Plan


To find out more about the Territorial Coherence Scheme of the Roussillon Plain, click below.


The Local Habitat Program (PLH) sets the priority actions and objectives to be achieved in terms of habitat throughout the entire territory of agglomeration.


Looking to build, buy, sell, rent, do work: the Departmental Agency for Housing Information (ADIL) offers a comprehensive advice on housing.


Architecture, Urbanism and Environment Councils in Languedoc-Roussillon.

D.T et D.I.C.T

Statement of Intention of Works in the Public Domain.

Road Permits

Various permissions ...

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