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The disappeared of the Great War

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Armistice of 1918, which put an end to the bloodiest conflict in the history of men, at the initiative of the Municipality, thanks to the work of a group of elected representatives around Yves Escape, and the participation of all, we were able to set up a remarkable exhibition on the Pézillanais in the Great War.

The book we commissioned from Mr. Renaud Martinez is the logical continuation of this approach and a kind of outcome to better know these men of 14-18, these "hairy" of our village who suffered, who died for that our country remains a free and independent country.

In each village and town in France, lists of names are engraved in the stone of the war memorials. Time is inexorably his work and sometimes, the relief of the engravings fades as fades over generations, the memory of these young men, mowed on all fronts where the battle was raging.

Tracing their war stories, putting a face to these names, a story, imagining their daily lives, trying to share their feelings towards all their loved ones who stayed here in the Catalan land, the fear screwed to the heart, is a little to give them life again, it is simply also to pay them a simple and sincere tribute.

Here is the ambition of this book.

Jean Paul BILLES
Mayor of Pézilla la Rivière



Pézilla la Rivière - History Notes

"A book published by the Publications of the Olive Tree in partnership with the Municipality and the Pau Berga Library, a village, individuals, a little history in the big, told by a scholar through his heritage, his daily life and slices of lives that have crossed and intertwined from antiquity to the present day. "